Corporate Social Responsibility

Our involvement in various businesses doesn’t divert us from realising our responsibilities towards the environment and society. We manage our businesses with profound efficiency and abide by all the Indian norms of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Bapi Gaushala Development Project is very dear to us; the sole mission of the project is to evolve the gaushala in all aspects. In the next 25 years, society will experience the benefit of this project. This particular project works towards serving and caring for disabled cows.
It is to develop better living conditions for them and make their last few years worthwhile. This promising project will help the people of Ghanerao; as it will generate employment opportunities and upgrade the standard of living for the people residing there.
The values that drive us towards our goal are Care, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility. However, the future developmental plans for this area adhere to our principles and values.
The future plans consist of: Utilising the agriculture income (after breakeven year) for other projects like Dairy, Energy, Plants, etc.

Creating more employment opportunities : Our entire belief system works on the ground of growing and succeeding together, and in this process, we aspire to make a difference in people’s lives.